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my disposables | melbourne, aus

Anonymous Hey cup or mug are you the tumblr king or queen (TK orTQ)?

I’m TL - tumblr lord.

Been slack lately apologies

Currently in Europe. Have millions of cameras to develop when I’m back. Stay tuned!

 - Cup or mug

Anonymous do you like to jump out from behind corners to scare people?

Guilty. It’s a curse though.



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Anonymous Hi I'm from melbourne also, and i was wondering where you could get some good disposables ? because last time i bought a few, had them printed and all pictures came out blank. thanks heaps

That’s no good. Reject shop sells them for cheap.

Green Varth

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Anonymous i think i have the coolest deodorant ever. it smells like mangoes and has wolves on it


Anonymous would you say bitches are disposable?


uncorpse i just posted a fuckload of disposables, mind checking them out?:) love your blog.

no wucking furries

Anonymous I love ur blog!! ^_^ What sort of camera do you use or all disposable??

Yeah all disposable!!



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